The Inventor of St. Germain, Robert J. Cooper, Has Passed Away at 39
A McDonald's in South Korea Will Be the First in Asia to Offer Beer
#TousAuBistrot, Parisians Show Strength by Going out to Bars En Masse
Dogfish Head Founder Sam Calagione Launches New Print Magazine Today
You Can Now Buy Whisky Scented Clothing
311 Releasing an Amber Ale with Rock Brothers and Nebraska Brewing
Cuteness Alert: Meet Budweiser's Newest Clydesdale
MPAA Forces Minneapolis Brewery to Change Name of 'Rated R' Beer
Guy Orders Bottle of Wine for 'Thirty-Seven Fifty'. Turns Out to be $3,750.
Caipiri-nizzle My Cachaca-izzle: Snoop Dogg Partners with Cuca Fresca
BARTRENDr App Causes Quite a Stir with Marketing Campaign
Forgotten Boardwalk Preps for a Long-Awaited October Opening
America's Two Most Popular Domestically-Owned Beers Are Both Brewed in Mexico
Scotch Makers Grow Increasingly Concerned As Scottish Independence Referendum Approaches
Dogfish Head Doubles Down On Its Distillation Game
Beer Crisis Brewing as Heavy Rains Put a Pinch on America's Malt Barley Crops
Simpsons Creator Warns That Real-Life Duff Beer Could Encourage Kids to Drink
'Space Whisky' Returning to Earth After Three Years Aboard the International Space Station
College Students Develop Nail Polish That Detects Date Rape Drugs in Drinks
Oktoberfest Pretzel Catastrophe Looming as Munich's Bakers Mull Strike
Watch Patrick Stewart's Classy Take on the Ice Bucket Challenge
Concerns Over Defective Bottles Prompts Corona Recall
Does Sarah Palin Need an Alcohol Intervention?
Is It Too Soon For Pumpkin Beer?
Craft Brewers Modify North Carolina Water to Make Their Beer Taste More Colorado-y

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